SITE session on Financial Regulation (August 29-31, 2022)

Monday, August 29, 2022

  • 11.15 pm-12.00 pm: Intermediation via Credit Chains (Download paper)
    Presented by: Jian Li (Columbia)
    Co-author(s): Zhiguo He (University of Chicago)

  • 12.00 pm-12.15 pm: Break

  • 12.15 pm-1.00 pm: A Bad Bunch: Asset Value Under-Reporting in the Mumbai Real Estate Market (Download paper)
    Presented by: Tarun Ramadorai (Imperial)
    Co-author(s): Santosh Anagol (Wharton), Vimal Balasubramaniam (Queen Mary), and Antoine Uettwiller (Imperial)

  • 1.00 pm-2.30 pm: Lunch

  • 2.30 pm-3.15 pm: Real Effects of Stabilizing Private Money Creation (Download paper)
    Presented by: Chenzi Xu (Stanford University)
    Co-author(s): He Yang (Harvard University)

  • 3.15 pm-3.30 pm: Break

  • 3.30 pm-4.15 pm: The Real Effects of Banking the Poor: Evidence from Brazil (Download paper)
    Presented by: Julia Fonseca (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
    Co-author(s): Adrien Matray (Princeton)

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

  • 9.00 am-9.45 am: Explaining Racial Disparities in Personal Bankruptcy Outcomes
    Presented by: Sasha Indarte (Wharton)
    Co-author(s): Bronson Argyle (BYU), Ben Iverson (BYU), and Christopher Palmer (MIT)

  • 9.45 am-10.00 am: Break

  • 10.00 am-10.45 am: Financial Constraints and the Racial Housing Gap (Download paper)
    Presented by: Arpit Gupta (NYU Stern)
    Co-author(s): Christopher Hansman (Imperial), and Pierre Mabille (INSEAD)

  • 10.45 am-11.15 am: Break

  • 11.15 am-12.00 pm: Considering Racial Consideration Sets in Housing Market
    Presented by: Lulu Wang (Stanford University)
    Co-author(s): Gregor Matvos (Northwestern Kellogg), and Amit Seru (Stanford University)

  • 12.00 pm-1.30 pm: Lunch

  • 1.30 pm-2.15 pm: The Design of Defined Contribution Plans (Download paper)
    Presented by: Gastón Illanes (Northwestern)
    Co-author(s): Vivek Bhattacharya (Northwestern)

  • 2.15 pm-2.30 pm: Break

  • 2.30 pm-3.15 pm: Managing a Housing Boom (Download paper)
    Presented by: Daniel Greenwald (MIT)
    Co-author(s): Jason Allen (Bank of Canada)

  • 3.15 pm-3.30 pm: Break

  • 3.30 pm-4.15 pm: Corporate Discount Rates (Download paper)
    Presented by: Kilian Huber (University of Chicago)
    Co-author(s): Niels Gormsen (University of Chicago)

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

  • 8.30 am-9.15 am: What Drives Variation in Investor Portfolios? Evidence from Retirement Plans (Download paper)
    Presented by: Alexander MacKay (Harvard University)
    Co-author(s): Mark Egan (Harvard HBS), and Hanbin Yang (Harvard University)

  • 9.15 am-9.30 am: Break

  • 9.30 am-10.15 am: Dynamic Pricing Regulation and Welfare in Insurance Markets (Download paper)
    Presented by: Naoki Aizawa (Wisconsin-Madison)
    Co-author(s): Ami Ko (Georgetown)

  • 10.15 am-11.00 am: Break

  • 11.00 am-11.45 am: Bank Competition amid Digital Disruption: Implications for Financial Inclusion
    Presented by: Erica Jiang (USC Marshall)
    Co-author(s): Gloria Yu (SMU), and Jinyuan Zhang (UCLA Anderson)

  • 11.45 am-12.00 pm: Break

  • 12.00 pm-12.45 pm: Asymmetric Information in the Wholesale Market for Mortgages: the Case of Ginnie Mae loans
    Presented by: Ken Hendricks (Wisconsin-Madison)
    Co-author(s): Houde Jean-François (Wisconsin-Madison), and Diwakar Raisingh (Wisconsin-Madison)

  • 1.00 pm-2.00 pm: Lunch